Lemon Bird Preserves is an award winning artisan jam company in Southern California.

We create handcrafted jams & pickles using local fruit from family farms. Our jams and pickles are made with all natural ingredients and feature the best seasonal produce from our region.




Amy Deaver makes jams, pickles and preserved cherries in Wrightwood, a ski town in the San Gabriel Mountains outside of L.A. Among her creations: Elephant Heart plum jam with tarragon, garlic scape pickles and Southern-smoked cherries. The Lemon Bird preserves are sold individually, in gift boxes and in “of the month” clubs.  $12-$250.  http://shop.lemonbirddesign.com


for the locavore
Amy Deaver has earned a loyal following with Lemon Bird Preserves, the vivid, creatively spiced jams and pickles she makes in her southern California kitchen. Now, she’s offering cocktail cherries in three versions: straight-up Maraschinos made from Rainier cherries, subtly sweet and bright yellow; Cocktail Cherries, seasoned with finger limes and vanilla; and Southern Smoked Cherries, soaked in whiskey, ready to drop into a Manhattan. Bonus: The leftover syrup is terrific drizzled over ice cream.