Kumquat Mostarda
Kumquat Mostarda

Kumquat Mostarda

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We love it when the kumquats from our favorite farms come ripe every year!

We've candied tiny, tangy kumquat fruit, added white wine and a mix of mustard flavors for a classic Northern Italian Mostarda.

An amazing taste experience for your palate, the tiny citrus kumquat fruit is tart on the inside and have a sweet finish with the peel. Unlike most other citrus fruits - you eat kumquats whole, peel and all!

This sweet and tangy fruit in a mix of sweet syrup with a bite of mustard is is amazing on your favorite sausages or hard cheeses. These kumquats have been marinating all summer in the jar and will get better and better as it ages on your shelf (if it lasts that long!).

We'd recommend having a jar on hand to put with any cheese platter or with your favorite grilled or roasted meats. A jar will make a perfect gift for any gourmand on your list.

Jar size: 6 oz.

Ingredients: Kumquats, sugar, water, white wine, mustard seeds, mustard oil.