the bite.

welcome to the bite.

one glorious bite.

you find the perfect summer apricot. hanging on a branch. warming itself in the summer sun. it is a golden yellow color. the side in the sun is dappled red and the fruit is freckled in sun spots from its days in the sun.

you reach out to touch the fruit and falls in your hand.

you feel the warmth of the sun as the fruit rolls into your palm. you hold the fruit and….

take a bite.

a perfect bite.

the fruit is warm, perfectly ripe and filled with all the flavor you can imagine. sweet, orange flesh touches your tongue. your mind wanders to a far away land while you savor the warm fruit.

juice runs through your fingers.

you put the fruit to your lips again.

to experience another perfect bite.

welcome to our musings, our adventures, and a few perfect bites.

the bite. the lemon bird blog.



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